SecureShare - Share easy,managed and secure

A better way to share information

SecureShare helps you manage and share files for e-mail campaigns, customer requests, employee engagement or anywhere else you need to share files securely.

Manage together

Sharing files with customers or colleagues has never been this easy. Manage it all together with your team when you select the team plus option.

What, when, who

You define which file is shared at what time. Until when and who you share it with. Easy when you have to share a large file within an e-mail campaign. We make sure your files don't stay online indefinitely.

Secure your way

Filenames are unique. When you share a file the shared link is created using state-of-the-art hashing technology and is impossible to guess. It's that simple and secure.

Made for your business

SecureShare offers multiple features in how to manage your files and share them in your desired way. Discover the options that best match the needs of your company and register now.

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